i was bored on Sunday night, a few weeks back, so i studied some betting algorithms and also unraveled the interesting (yet potentially futile) world of bitcoins.

btw, i’m so glad spell check no longer underlines my small “i”s, apart for m$ word that is. anyway, as i was saying:

http://freebitco.in/?r=325653 or is a site that gives you free 225 satoshi per hour. what’s a satoshi? it’s 0.00000001 BTC. what’s a BTC? it’s a bitcoin. what’s a bitcoin? oh come on! google it already.

another btw, if you’re gonna sign up on freebitco.in, use my link above so i can get the referral, or at least use someone as a referral.

so back to what i was saying, and what meets the title of this post, i wrote a c# app that automatically bets for you, using one of 4 methods. better than any javascript code i’ve seen out there and you can also run it in ‘demo’ mode. Continue reading