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As part of a competition, i’m making an iPhone iOS App!

The app’s name is “Let’s Choose

It is an application that establishes a live collaboration between a subscribed group which shares one common screen and provides the ability to add, delete and vote for choices.

Example A: (applicable to youngsters).
Consider a common scenario of Friday night and 5 friends deciding to choose where to spend their night.
Let’s name them Alice, Bob, Charlie, Dave and Eve. Let’s also assume they are only using SMS messages to communicate between them (to ease the example below, as actual cases may include more than 4 ways of communication).
Alice sends to Bob and suggests TGI Friday’s.
Bob replies he likes the idea.
Alice sends to Bob that she will ask the others.
Alice sends to Charlie and suggests TGI Friday’s.
Charlie sends to Eve and suggests TGI Friday’s but prefers Spur.
Eve replies she also prefers Spur but also suggests the Irish Pub.
Charlie sends to Alice about Spur and the Irish Pub.
Alice sends to Bob new suggestions.
.. (23 smsses later).
Alice is still busy sending to Eve and discussing another Pub.
Dave is hungry.
Bob is eating already.
Charlie is driving to Spur with Rachel.

Let’s now assume that they all had Let’s Choose installed on their iPhones.
Alice sends a suggestion to TGI Friday’s to a group she created a while back.
Bob gives +1 vote to that.
Charlie adds Spur.
Eve adds the Irish Pub.
Dave adds a vote to the Irish Pub.
Alice dislikes Spur.
Eve posts to the mini-wall “The Frajolistic Bloomers are playing at the pub! Vote up!”
Bob adds a moves his vote to the pub.
Bob hits “happy with this”.
Alice moves her vote to the pub.
All participants hit “happy with this”.
The top selection (irish pub) is selected.

Long story short, this application can have many applications and many cases. The simple idea that you can suggest an idea and others can choose and suggest makes everyday choices easier than verbal communication.
Choosing lunch at work. Making a shopping list with your wife while she’s home and you’re nearing the shop. Choosing your baby’s name between family. Suggesting WPF over WinForms. I can go on 😉

Comments are appreciated from all three of you who know this website exists 😉