i was bored on Sunday night, a few weeks back, so i studied some betting algorithms and also unraveled the interesting (yet potentially futile) world of bitcoins.

btw, i’m so glad spell check no longer underlines my small “i”s, apart for m$ word that is. anyway, as i was saying:

http://freebitco.in/?r=325653 or is a site that gives you free 225 satoshi per hour. what’s a satoshi? it’s 0.00000001 BTC. what’s a BTC? it’s a bitcoin. what’s a bitcoin? oh come on! google it already.

another btw, if you’re gonna sign up on freebitco.in, use my link above so i can get the referral, or at least use someone as a referral.

so back to what i was saying, and what meets the title of this post, i wrote a c# app that automatically bets for you, using one of 4 methods. better than any javascript code i’ve seen out there and you can also run it in ‘demo’ mode.

Here’s the output:
Welcome to the automatic freebitco.in multiplier.
Let's begin ;-)

Use the following options:
-x Number [2] Set the game's odds and payout multiplier, from 2 to 100.
-l Number [70] Percent of starting amount least to reach (loss).
-w Number [30] Percent of profit most to reach (win).
-b Number [0] or min Set the game's minimum bet. Use 'min' for 0.00000001 BTC. (Overrides any percent bet, -p).
-p Number [1] Set the game's minimum bet based on percentage of total money.
-m Number [1] Set the game's betting strategy. Use 1 For Martingale, 2 for Anti-Martingale, 3 for Fixed bet or 4 for Minimal bet.
-d Number [0] Simulate the game (dry run).
-s Go slowly, confirming each bet.
-h Show this help.

And https://github.com/ericosg/freebtc-gambler is where its hosted.
If you just want to run it, compile, log in to your http://freebitco.in/?r=325653, run and have fun!

Should be quite self-explanatory with the help options listed, but feel free to ask what they do if you don’t get it.
Oh and you will lose in the long run. You will not win in the long run. It ain’t my fault, the odds are against you. And the universe. Except for the universe. Just the odds. Well…, at least the odds.

the only not-so-elegant thing about this, is that you need to manually add your cookie in the -c parameter, otherwise it won’t work.

FreeBitCoin.exe -c “__cfduid=**********************************************; btc_address=**********************************; password=****************************************************************; last_play=1395145853; __utma=120334047.1029067788.1394998563.1395142395.1395146077.17; __utmc=120334047; __utmz=120334047.1394998563.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)”

And getting your cookie is somewhat easy, but cumbersome. In Chrome, visit chrome://settings/cookies and search for the freebitco.in cookie. Then click on each value, copy the Name and Content and write them as above. (Name=Content; Name=Content; Name=Content;)


And if you cannot be arsed to compile it, i’ve added some binaries. For those who don’t understand either of the words “arsed”, “compile” and/or “binaries”, i mean:
click here to download the windows executable file for the freebitco.in automatic gambler loser.

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