i was bored on Sunday night, a few weeks back, so i studied some betting algorithms and also unraveled the interesting (yet potentially futile) world of bitcoins.

btw, i’m so glad spell check no longer underlines my small “i”s, apart for m$ word that is. anyway, as i was saying:

http://freebitco.in/?r=325653 or is a site that gives you free 225 satoshi per hour. what’s a satoshi? it’s 0.00000001 BTC. what’s a BTC? it’s a bitcoin. what’s a bitcoin? oh come on! google it already.

another btw, if you’re gonna sign up on freebitco.in, use my link above so i can get the referral, or at least use someone as a referral.

so back to what i was saying, and what meets the title of this post, i wrote a c# app that automatically bets for you, using one of 4 methods. better than any javascript code i’ve seen out there and you can also run it in ‘demo’ mode. Continue reading

So today I came across a bug in our new system, which is written in C#.NET 4.0.

It was an upgrade from an old VB6 app, and it happened to be the way that Val() was used in VB6.

Since there is no direct equivalant, the internet didn’t provide me fast enough with a good enough method and it’s behavior is kinda odd, here’s my best approiximation in C#: Continue reading